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Here is a sample of my work, please note it is best viewed on a desktop due to the level of detail

Vodafone B2C App

The Vodafone app required updates to the Rewards feature to improve the user experience and increase customer engagement. 

Travel Trader Mobile Website

Travel Trader is a marketplace platform that enables users to sell unwanted travel plans, meaning others can buy true last-minute deals at unbeatable prices!

Flood Risk - ESG Software

Max IT wanted to create an ESG solution that provided flood risk insights to mortgage lenders and banks .

Carbon Capture - ESG Software

Max IT wanted to create an ESG solution that provided Carbon Capure data for organisations, suppliers, emloyees and customers.

BeCRM Software

A bespoke CRM & marketing platform for small to enterprise businesses. It boasts a host of features from client contact information, through to email marketing, a prospecting tool and reporting.

Adeki Perfomance Website

Adeki Performance improves performance and success through effective stress management. They protect companies, teams and key individuals from overload with stress mapping & performance coaching.
  • "I've been working with Steve in the capacity of UX design manager at Vodafone Group for over a year now and would highly recommend Steve to anyone who is looking for a competent and reliable UX designer.

    I was impressed with his knowledge and experience at the interview and his execution at work was even more impressive. Steve works very well under high pressure and his personality and brilliant sense of humor bring positive energy to the team, which is very much appreciated by everyone. Steve applies analytical thinking to highly technical capability and translates the requirements into logical experience. Steve is also good at presenting his design and taking feedback constructively. He will be missed by everyone in the team"
    Minny Kwak
    Vodafone, UX Design Team Lead
  • "Steve has been a valuable member of our product team over the last 3 months working with business, delivery and technical leads, turning ideas into customer ready UI’s and experiences. As we’ve developed solution concepts, Steve has contributed beyond great designs helping us to improve data visualisations and user features. He’s created marketing and website material to support our sales activities.
    Thank you for your help and endless patience."
    Chris Wade
    Maximise IT Solutions Ltd, Managing Director
  • "I had the pleasure of working closely with Steve on several projects, and I was consistently impressed by his exceptional skill and dedication to his craft. Steve has an innate ability to transform complex problems into elegant, user-centric solutions.

    His passion for user experience design is palpable, and it reflects in the thoughtful and intuitive solutions he creates. Steve is not just a talented designer but also a great collaborator. He's great in communicating ideas, actively listening to feedback, and iterating to perfection. He's also got a pretty decent bank of dad jokes.

    Steve's work and friendly disposition consistently had a positive impact on our projects. I wholeheartedly recommend him to any team or organisation in need of a UX designer."
    Nathan Saunders
    Senior UX Designer
  • "It was such a pleasure working with Steve. He has exceptional experience in user interface design, design thinking and user research. Proactive, dynamic and passionate, he is a brilliant UX designer. Steve is resilient and capable of adapting to new work environments. He has a very positive approach to work which he uses to bolster and motivate the team around him. He maintains a very good relation with co-workers and clients. I really enjoyed working with Steve on the One App project."
    Perushka Bhownath
    Vodafone, Manager: Digital
  • "I recommend Steve for his contributions as a valuable member of our UX team over the past year. He is not only a skilled and dedicated professional but also a team player who embodies the essence of collaboration, kindness, and our company values. His presence has been invaluable to our team and has consistently demonstrated a high level of teamwork and collaboration throughout his tenure. His ability to seamlessly integrate with diverse team members and his dedication to user-centered design significantly contributed to key project goals. I have no doubt that Steve will continue to excel and make a positive impact wherever he goes."
    Albert Lo
    Vodafone, User Experience Design Manager 
  • "I had the pleasure of collaborating with Steve during our time at Vodafone Design Studio. Steve is a true asset to any design team. His ability to work well under pressure and follow directions was really helpful in delivering our projects. His professionalism and strong communication skills made them a valuable collaborator. Steve's talent and adaptability undoubtedly make them a valuable designer. It's been a privilege to work alongside Steve, and I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again."
    Ryaan Tan
    Vodafone, Senior UI Design 
  • "I am writing to wholeheartedly recommend Steve as a talented UX designer, having worked closely with him on multiple projects for more than a year.

    Steve consistently demonstrates a good understanding of user-centred design principles. His ability to empathise with users, conduct research, and translate insights into intuitive design solutions sets him apart as a UX designer. A keen eye for detail and strong analytical skills ensure that every interaction and visual asset he designs contributes to a seamless and great user experience.

    Beyond his technical skills, Steve is an absolute pleasure to work with. His positive attitude, professionalism, and ability to remain chill under pressure make him an invaluable asset to any team. He consistently displays a strong work ethic, taking ownership of his projects, delivering exceptional results through presentation.

    Oh and he serves up some of the best Dad jokes! :’D"
    Chris Wade
    Vodafone, Senior UI Designer
  • "Steve's UX work on behalf of my businesses and those of some of my clients has been first class. He has a good understanding of the link between impactful design and sales conversion on the website, which has led to new memberships and a smoother sales process."
    Stephen Wallis
    FOAR Business

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